23rd TRS meeting

The TRS meetings are biannual informal workshops aiming to promote research on rewriting and related areas (e.g. term rewriting, lambda calculi, ...). Participants are required to give a talk(s) of approximately 15 - 60 minutes in English. The subject of the talk is not restricted to one's own research; it's perfectly OK to explain another paper in the field of rewriting. (See TRS meeting homepage for more info.)

The 23rd Term Rewriting Meeting was held
   at 3F meeting room, VBL(Venture Buisiness Laboratory), Nagoya University
   on Wed.24, Thu.25 and Fri 26 Sep 2003.



24th 14:00-17:00   Free discussions
25th 9:30-12:00
Munehiro IwamiPersistence of termination for locally confluent overlay term rewriting systems
Takahito AotoTermination of term rewriting systems with higher-order variables by translation
Keiichiro KusakariArgument filtering methods in simply-typed term rewriting systems
Hideto KasuyaOn Nk tree automaton and its properties for decidability problem of higher-order rewrite systems
25th 13:00-15:30
Ichiro MitsuhashiDecidability of reachability & joinability
Toshimasa MatsumotoImproved sequent system for the modal logic KB
Masanori NagashimaProgram generation by transformation from quantified equational specification
Masaki NakamuraTotal function symbols for term rewriting systems
25th 15:45-18:00
Naoki NishidaBasic narrowing improves efficiency of computation of right-linear term rewriting systems with extra variables
Mizuhito OgawaIterative-free program analysis
Hitoshi OhsakiRecognizing boolean closed A-tree languages with membership conditional rewriting mechanism
26th 9:15-12:30
Masahiko SakaiOn equivalence of termination and innermost termination
Yoshihito ToyamaTermination of S-expression rewriting system (SRS)
Shoji YuenProcess languages with discrete relative time based on the ordered SOS format and rooted eager bisimulation
Toshiyuki YamadaQuasi-reducible sets
Michio OyamaguchiOn the confluence and related problems of TRSs

How to get to VBL (the place of the meeting)

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