The Nagoya Termination Tool (NaTT)


NaTT [YKS14] is a termination prover for term rewrite systems (TRSs), which is special for:


2022/07/12Version 2.3: For competitions.
2022/01/17Version 2.1.1: Bugfix (thanks to Kiraku Shintani and Nao Hirokawa)
2021/05/07Version 2.1: New XML-based interface and new multi-dimensional intepretations.
2019/05/27Version 1.9: Supported probabilistic rewriting.
2019/02/14Version 1.8: Release for a TACAS paper [SY19].
2016/09/12Version 1.6: Competition version.
2016/04/21Version 1.5: Supported AC termination (certifiable, via experimental option -x).
2016/02/07Version 1.4: A bugfix for relative termination.
2015/07/02Version 1.3: Competition version.
2015/02/22Version 1.2: Supported relative termination.
2014/06/17Version 1.1 released.
2014/02/12Version 1.0 released.


NaTT Version 2.3 [OCaml code]

Third Party Libraries

NaTT is linked with ocamlgraph.


The command line of NaTT is in the following syntax:

./NaTT [file] [option]... [processor]...

The TRS whose termination should be verified is read from either the specified file or the standard input. The format should follow an XML format.

This section is under revision!

To execute NaTT, an SMT-LIB 2.0 compliant solver must be installed. The following options are provided for specifying such an SMT solver for back-end of NaTT:

NaTT is based on the dependency pair (DP) framework [AG00, HM04a, GTS04]. The following DP processors are available:

The following well-known reduction pairs are also supported, which are obtained as instances of WPO:


In case you find bugs, comments, or suggestions, please contact the author: Akihisa Yamada.


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